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Elder Scrolls Online Guide

We have compiled and will continue to update “Elder Scrolls Online Strategy with any Elder Scrolls Online guide we think will help you level your ESO character up fast.  Whether you prefer in-game guides, video guides, or e-books, we have all the ESO guides you need to take your game to the next level.  Below you will find our favorite ESO addon and ESO Guide.  Visit their site and see why they are our go-to guides for The Elder Scrolls Online!

Best ESO Leveling Addon:  Zygor Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide
Best Overall Elder Scrolls Online Guide: ESO Mastery Guides

 Best ESO Addon

Zygor’s Elder Scrolls Online Addons

Features of Zygor’s ESO Addons

Complete 1-50 ESO Leveling Guide

eso dynamic quest tracker

  • This is the only in-game ESO guide currently available online.
  • The leveling guide is accessible directly in the game so you can see it and use it while you are playing instead of fingering through a print guide or search all over the internet for what you need.
  • Zygor’s ESO Leveling Guide was designed by a dedicated team of pro speed levelers.
  • Gives you simple step by step directions for each quest-line telling you exactly who you should talk to, how to complete each objective, where exactly to go, and which quests you need to accept in order to level up faster.

Every ESO Faction, Race, and Class Covered

eso leveling addons

  • Leveling guides for Daggerfell Covenant, Aldmeri Dominion, and Ebonheart Pact are all available.  Each faction guide is different because when you play The Elder Scrolls Online there are different questing paths for each.
  • Each Elder Scrolls Online class and race is dealt with differently in these leveling guides to take advantage of each’s strengths and weaknesses.

Dynamic Quest Tracking

ESO_Waypoint arrow

  • Because this is an in-game guide, your progress is tracked in real-time and the guide changes dynamically.
  • When you start quests, gather items, or kill monsters the guide updates automatically.
  • After finishing your current objective, the guide updates right away to tell you the next step so you can keep leveling up.
  • Waypoint Arrow Navigation feature will point you exactly where you need to go so you aren’t searching around or looking at the map.

Zygor’s Elder Scrolls Online Addons is 100% Legal and will not get you banned from playing. The addon is also updated and maintained frequently to reflect the latest patches or content updates. With Zygor’s simple installation client, you’ll be up and running with the addon in just a few minutes.

Right now there is a FREE trial to Zygor’s ESO Addons.  If you like it and want to keep using it you can buy each ESO Faction leveling guide separately for just $30 or buy all three leveling guides for $75. You also have the option of buying two leveling guide for just $55 if you choose.

Again there is a Risk Free Trial so you have nothing to loose but time.  Stop wasting your time wandering around Tamriel and download this addon now.

Get a FREE Trial of Zygor’s ESO Addon by clicking below!

eso_leveling addon guide

 Most Complete Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Mastery Guides

molag bal anchors esoThis set of ESO guides is put together by a team of professional gamers that played The Elder Scrolls Online beta since the very beginning.  This ESO leveling guide they offer show you the fastest leveling path for each class so you can get to the level cap fast.

This Elder Scrolls Online Leveling guide also reveal what quests give the best rewards and are the most fun.   The leveling guides are very easy to follow as they give very simple step-by-step directions along with detailed maps that show you exactly where and when to go to complete all the quests.

eso factions map

This ESO guide outlines every faction starting point and how to start each one with the names of all the NPC quest givers and where to find them.  This will save you tons of time and frustrating as you won’t be wandering around getting lost in Tamriel.

Here is a quick review of what Elder Scrolls Online Mastery Guides has to offer:

  • Efficient leveling paths and tactics to reach the level cap in ESO as quickly as possible.
  • Listing of the most enjoyable and rewarding quests in The Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Detailed walkthroughs of each and every quest.
  • Full colored Maps and illustrations or photos that will help you find out specifically which place to go during the game.
  • These ESO guides come in PDF Format so you can access them on your iPad or Android tablet.
  • Available instantly from their members area

elder scroll online war in cyrodiil

Because the developers of ESO Mastery Guide don’t want everyone to know their tricks, they do charge for access to their guides.  If these guides were available for free online then the game would be saturated with level busting players and wouldn’t be as much fun.  This is why it is important to get access to this ESO leveling guide first before anyone else.  

They do however off FREE access to their Elder Scrolls Online Mastery Guides Forum and Members Only ESO Guides.  They also have frequent contests where you can win prizes.  If you want more detailed guides then they do charge a small fee to access their exclusive leveling guides.  It is definitely worth getting if you want to save time and frustration in trying to level up.  Here is a rundown of what guides they offer:

elder scrolls online pvp guide

Aldmeri Dominion Leveling Guide (Includes all zones)

Daggerfell Covenant Leveling Guide (Includes all zones)

Ebonheart Pact Leveling Guide (Includes all zones)

Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Mastery Guide (Includes all 6 Crafting Professions)

elder_scrolls_online_Character progression

Elder Scrolls Online Character Builds Guide (Includes Optimized Builds for Every Class and Playstyle)

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Guide:

These guides come with FREE lifetime updates and a 60 day satisfaction guarantee so you can’t lose.

Want a preview? Click below to check out ESO Mastery Guides’ Elder Scrolls Online Beginner Gameplay Guide

If you want to learn more about The Elder Scrolls Online Mastery Guides click below and get access to their FREE video guides.  If you sign up now you also get a FREE Bonus Beginner Guide to ESO!

eso mastery guides


More Elder Scrolls Online Strategy Guides

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

the elder scrolls online guideThis ESO guide doesn’t have a flashy name but is simple called “The Elder Scrolls Online Guide“, but it certainly has some great tips in it without revealing any spoilers.  One of the great things about this guide is that it allows you to play the game the way you want to.

The author does this by providing you with which builds and strategies are best, but also giving you other combinations that could work.  This ESO guide also reveals which parts of the game you should experiment with to come up with your own unique experience.  While it sounds like it is an open ended guide, there are plenty of concrete strategies and tips for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Features of The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

ESO Leveling Strategieseso beta guide
  • Learn how to reach Level 50 in The Elder Scrolls Online in about a week with the leveling strategies and tips in this guide.  The guide shows you where the best questing areas are and tips on how to get more experience points.
Elder Scrolls Online Gold Making Guide
  • Provides a multitude of strategies on how to make more gold without going on time-consuming crafting hunts or grinding.
Skyshards Guide
  • Reveals the locations of all the Skyshards in ESO and get more skill points so you can take your character to the next level.
ESO Class Guide
eso lizard
  • The class guide covers all four classes including the Dragonkight, Sorcerer, Nightblade, and the Templar. Shows you customize your class with the best and most unique builds like a light armor Dragonknight or a tanking Sorcerer.  These class guides will show you the best builds for each class for every role or style.  You will also learn how to use Skill Synergy to make your character more powerful.
ESO PvP and Cyrodiil Guide
  • Detailed guide on how to help your team win in PvP and how to master the PvP specific mechanics in order to tackle those instance dungeons.

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide also gets updated with every patch so you will have the latest and most effective strategies and tips.  The techniques is this guide are also hack and cheat free which means you won’t get banned for using the guide.  Another great feature of this ESO guide is that you can give it a try for 60 days risk free and if you don’t like it you can ask for a refund.  So it’s definitely worth checking out.

For more about The Elder Scrolls Online Guide click here!

ESO Speed Leveling Guide

 Elder Scrolls Online Speed Leveling Guide Video Preview

Main Features of ESO Speed Leveling Guide

  • ESO Leveling Guide with class and race specific guideeso speed leveling guide_opt
  • Beginner Guide to each class including Nightblade, Dragonknight, Templar, and Sorcerer
  • Advanced ESO Class Leveling guides for each class
  • ESO Beginner Gold Guide
  • Guide to getting more gold through gold farming and crafting
  • Detailed guide of every Adventure Zone, current and future
  • Cyrodiil PvP Guide with optimized class builds
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Money Back Guaranteed, 60 days to try the guide

eso speed leveling free guideIf you want a preview of ESO Speed Leveling Guide click below and go to their website.  If you try to close their page, they will offer you a $1 trial of their guide.  If you close the page again, you will be offered a FREE Report with 15 Elder Scrolls Online tips and tricks.  It has some great tips that will help you out and it’s FREE!

Click Here to get the FREE Report!


Best ESO Addon

Best ESO Guide

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